Perugia Chocolate Festival

Gorgeous views, chocolate and wine. These are a few of my favorite things. 

Last weekend, we didn’t plan any big trips because we had midterms this week. So Friday, we took a day trip to Perugia to check out their famous chocolate festival! 

We got to Perugia around noon and took a really cool gondola/metro sort of thing up to the top of a mountain where the city is. It was such a cool ride- great views! When we got to the top, we spent the entire afternoon checking out all of the different chocolate stands and sampling some of it! It was SOOO delicious, but pretty expensive… so I only bought one bar for the fam to try when I meet them in Paris 🙂 The milk chocolate with hazelnuts and the white chocolate with cranberries were my favorites!


We had a nice lunch in town and walked around after lunch. The views from in Perugia are amazing!! Because it sits on the top of a mountain, there are rolling hills all over. It is gorgeous! 


We got home around 8 that night and had dinner back in Florence. It was a very fun day!


I spent the rest of the weekend studying for midterms, which wasn’t so fun. It’s all worth it though because tomorrow I meet the family in PARIS for our 10 day European adventure!!! Could not be more excited!!!!

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